Our steel management service undertakes the many complexities in foreign countries by offering full management of fabrication services from production to project delivery. On all international projects, we assign project managers, engineers, and quality assurance managers to oversee the project, depending on the country, and client requirements. We are equipped to handle local resources to ensure project completion. Competitive pricing is reached by leveraging our global network of local fabricators, neighboring country fabricators, and our fabricators in the United States.

Fee Based Management

For a negotiated fee, Aim Steel International will manage the steel subcontract by determining distinct categories based on type of work and construction schedule. We will send out requests for proposals to our global network of reliable sub-fabricators and present the results and recommendations to our clients. Our volume purchasing power has afforded Aim Steel International the ability to handle all the raw material in bulk, thus creating cost savings for our clients. This management concept has worked successfully throughout the world for projects of all sizes. Often times we have been successful in saving our clients up to $10 million on a single project.

International Market Analysis

Depending on the countries regulationslocal standards, we offer a complete Market Analysis to determine the most feasible solution to ensure project delivery in a timely basis and within budget. Our team will evaluate the local resources to determine if the mechanics are in place to meet the project requirements which include delivery, strength/grade of material and specifications. Based on this review we will determine the most economic solution for project delivery.