Steel Shines in Qatar as Preparations for FIFA World Cup Continue

June 3rd, 2015

Qatar_2022_bid_logo.svgQatar has won the bid to host the 22nd FIFA World Cup in 2022. In the 92-year history of the international sporting event, this will be the first time a Middle Eastern country has hosted the tournament.


Aim Steel International, as a major player in the international steel market, has been watching the growth of major foreign economies all along, and with the World Cup on the horizon in Qatar, major construction plans have already been set into motion.


In an effort to spearhead the building, Qatar’s 2022 organizing committee has already implemented a new charter relating to construction of its stadiums, which includes a push to build with environmentally sound materials. Announced at a conference last month, one of Qatar’s largest banks plans to invest £123 bn. (an equivalent of $1.888 tr.) on infrastructure projects in the next four years alone. The hosting of the World Cup is an integral part of Qatar’s unprecedented 2030 National Vision building project.


Due principally to its strength, versatility and aesthetic advantages, steel will be extensively used in all of the sports stadiums, whether in the main structure or in supporting roofing and facades. Steel is the material of choice for all newly built or renovated infrastructures in the region.


As ever, steel is a standout on the issue of sustainability. The ability to recycle 100% of all steel sections of the arenas helps to highlight the effort for building green, and should any section of the arena need to be modernized again or replaced in the future, the discarded materials can be thoroughly recycled.


In addition to its availability, strength and environmental stability, the beauty of the new arenas will showcase architects who make the most of steel’s versatile features and its notable interaction with other materials. It’s an opportunity to seek innovative, light, fluid and overwhelming shapes, working together with high-technology and traditional materials.


With such anticipation for Qatar’s future growth, both the Qatari-domestic steel and international steel firms stand to prosper. Competition will be steep for World Cup stadium contracts, but general infrastructure revitalization provides opportunity for even the smallest fabricators.

Steel360 Features AIM Steel

June 2nd, 2015


AIM Steel International appeared on Steel 360’s April’14 issue with plans to enter the Indian market. It is April’15 and the group has a clear plan to set up a Steel management company providing aid and solutions for the domestic fabricators in India. Here’s Omar Ali, VP of International & Domestic Affairs, AIM Steel USA once again, further elaborating the bullish plans for India […]

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Aim Steel Receives Invitation from The White House

December 18th, 2014

Manufacturers from across the country gathered in Washington to brief Senior White House officials and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on the state of their industry. Representatives from 37 companies shared their expertise on how the Administration can help manufacturers grow and create job, among the 37 companies invited was AIM Steel International represented by Omar Ali, VP of International and Domestic affairs.


New American Embassies to be built

December 18th, 2014

Aim Steel International lands four new American Embassy projects totaling 4,656 tons for the 3rd quarter 2014, including a 2,000 metric ton American Embassy project in Europe.

Aim Steel visits Doha Qatar

December 18th, 2014

AIM Steel International and sister companies meet with the Supreme Committee in Doha Qatar in talks to pursue stadiums for 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar plans to build 5 soccer Stadiums and major development of hotels, shopping center and commercial buildings around each stadium.
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