Diversity and Careers

We believe diversity in any company and country is an asset, bringing new ideas, perspectives and experiences in a welcoming environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate and grow with the company. To be a truly international company, we consider it vital to respect culture and the individuality of every person working with Aim Steel International.

Workplace diversity is critical to our company and we take extensive measures to ensure openness and inclusivity at every level of Aim Steel International. With projects in many countries, we are the only true global steel management and fabrication company and we want our workforce to reflect this. Our goal is to build a modern, flexible workplace which broadens the originality and talent of our employees. Recognizing full potential of these capabilities will only enhance our performance through helping us define new markets and solve challenges.

“Every Company should embrace the opportunities of diversity in the workplace. We should view the world as our community and embrace the diversity the world has to offer”.

Serena Taylor Vice President of Human Resources

Opportunities for Career Professionals

As one of the global players in the steel industry we offer a number of opportunities to work internationally. We make every effort to identify the employees prepared to move to different countries, and provide the opportunity to progress through a variety of different posts throughout the world.

As an international company, we face tough competition to develop and attract talented people with experience of working in many different countries. Finding key people with both business and international experience remains a key challenge.

Our development response has been to invest heavily to develop internal talent through our leadership development and our very own apprenticeship program. These programs combine internal and external training and have helped Aim Steel International become a leader in management.

Aim Steel International opportunities range from management, logistics, engineering, iron workers, and quality control.