With over 30 years of experience Aim Steel International has rapidly grown through a successful consolidation strategy with a number of significant acquisitions.

Rapid growth of Aim Steel International since its inception in Panama has been the product of combining a successful consolidation strategy of management and partnerships. Since setting up operations in different countries including a strong presence in the United States, Aim Steel International has increased its annual production capacity to handle major complex projects from high rises to major industrial.  With employees located globally, Aim Steel International is one of the leading steel managers, fabricators and engineers in the world.  We are the leader in major fabrication and steel management, with leading geographical research. We are recommended by the USA Department of Defense, as well as many foreign countries, private, & government sectors.

Quality and safety are our top priority. We assist in finding a valuable economical solution to save our clients both time and money while delivering a safe project on schedule.  Aim Steel International has generated savings for its clients resulting in cost reduction of millions by determining a more cost effective solution.

We are focusing our efforts for future growth on the emerging economies, particularly India, with ventures underway in the Middle East, South China and Europe,

With global market intelligence, Aim Steel International is able to develop a geographical purchasing strategy that best suits the needs of our clients. We are solely dedicated to delivering ultra-high-strength steel to accommodate our steel inventory and fabrication.